Four Magical Green Cleaning Products Every Home Should Have

Some of the modern cleaning materials around are seriously scary. Many contain heavy-duty antibacterials and poisons with fumes that are enough to get you in the back of the throat and make you cough and splutter. Just imagine what they’re doing to your children? Or your elderly parents? And your pets?

There are four simple and safe “green cleaning” ingredients that will work hard for you and keep your home smelling clean and fresh — and leave you with a clear conscience.

1. Bicarbonate of Soda

Available at supermarkets and chemists, ‘bicarb’ is a white powder that is fantastic for removing odours, and cleaning surfaces, loos and drains:

  • Keep a small open pot of it in the fridge to soak up old food smells.
  • Sprinkle on carpets, let it stand for about 15 minutes, then vacuum up.
  • sprinkle down drains, pour a little vinegar over … and watch it fizzle up, then wash down with hot water for a few minutes
  • Use dry on surfaces, then wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Make a paste with a little water for stubborn stains on surfaces, leave for a few minutes and buff with a dry cloth

2. Vinegar

White spirit vinegar is cheap and easy to get.  It’s a hard-working, all-round cleaner:

  • Use with bicarb in a spray bottle with water for an all-round, all-purpose cleaner — eg: 500 mls water, 2 cups vinegar, 2 teaspoons bicarb (put in first, then water, then vinegar to minimize fizz!) – and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
  • Use neat on a dry cloth to wash down pet cages to keep smells at bay.
  • One part vinegar to three parts water will clean floors, mirrors, windows, showers with ease. You can use it neat for stubborn stains.
  • It’s a great water softener – use in your rinse cycle for softer towels, cleaner whites and fresher clothes.  Also prevents mildew.

3. Dishwashing liquid

A good quality dishwashing liquid works wonders – you can use it to clean floors, walls, tiles, bathrooms, surfaces or even to wash the dogs.

4. Lemon Juice

  • Rub some non-iodated salt on your brass and silver, then rub over with a slice of lemon before buffing with a soft cloth.
  • Add a few drops of lemon to your washing up water to help cut grease and leave dishing feeling super clean.
  • Make lemon water: cut one lemon into quarters and steep it in a litre of boiling water overnight.  Strain with cloth or paper towel and add to cleaning spray bottle for a fresh smell.  Rub over your pets coats to make them smell fresh, condition their skins and deter pesky fleas.

Four simple green cleaning solutions.  Safer. Environmentally friendly. And a whole lot kinder on the pocket, too.


It’s Official – Cleaning Africa is greening Africa!

Friday, 26 October 2012 marked a very important day on the Cleaning Africa calendar. It’s the day that completed Cleaning Africa’s changeover to purely green cleaning products and practices – like the exciting new “waterless” car wash system.

To get to this point, Cleaning Africa had to provide on-site “re-training” to over 400 staff at more than 60 sites in and around Johannesburg.

The search for the Best Green Cleaning Products on the Planet

Delphis eco logoAfter thorough investigation of all “green” cleaning products, Delphis eco products were chosen by Cleaning Africa to partner its move towards ecologically-friendly, sustainable cleaning.

“Our clients want real change in the cleaning industry. Proven, effective products that aren’t harmful to Earth and her people. They don’t just want lip service,” said Midge Wood, CEO of Cleaning Africa. He recently attended two global cleaning industry expos in China as part of this quest.

“These products are awesome. They’re fully EU Ecolable accredited (not easy to get!), very cost-effective and biodegradable. They’re also derived from totally sustainable resources. We couldn’t be happier to use them”, Midge confirmed.

Waterless Car Saves!

Using the latest technology, waterless car washing is now a reality. The special formula ‘encapsulates’ the dirt, which is then wiped off with microfibre cloths – without any scratching.

The savings are astronomical. Conventional methods use over 40 litres of water per car wash (you probably use around 90 litres if you wash your car with a hosepipe, or at least 10 litres using a bucket and cloth). With the new waterless system, less than one litre is used, half of which is just to rinse out the cloth!

Besides dramatically cutting down on water and electricity costs, (serious considerations today!), this waterless car wash system is much kinder on the environment. No more harmful detergents and surfactants being washed into the drains, which ultimately poison rivers and marine life.

SO Worth It!

“Changing over to green cleaning has been a long and hard journey, but every one of us at Cleaning Africa believes it’s been worth it – every step of the way!” said Midge enthusiastically.

If you’d like to find out more about these eco friendly cleaning products and waterless car washes, please call us now on 011 794 6665 or contact us.