Cleaning Africa’s Year-End Bosberaad

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time for reflecting back on the challenges of the year gone by … and putting all the right steps in place to kick start 2013. And that’s just what Cleaning Africa Services plans to do.

The company recently held its annual bosberaad* at the tranquil Luiperdskloof Lodge on the Wilge River from 21st to 25th November. The lodge is in a natural, bushveld setting that fits in perfectly with Cleaning Africa’s 100% conversion to green cleaning.

New Areas, New Area Manager

The main topics for discussion at the bosberaad were the introduction of a new area manager, and the splitting up of the service regions into four. This way, each manager will have a more geographically-efficient area to service; allowing less traffic hassles and quicker response-time to customers: a major win-win situation.

Preventative Maintenance

Another innovation was to introduce a preventative maintenance plan, which will see all on-site equipment serviced on a monthly basis, eliminating down time.

Accredited In-House Training

Cleaning Africa also intends head-hunting a Service Seta SDF (Skills Development Facilitator) to employ full time. It will become a fully-fledged, accredited training provider and all learnerships will be done in-house, giving more training opportunities to all existing staff, and many new ones too.

“It was a good, exciting and fruitful bosberaad – we have a solid, passionate team,” said Midge Wood, Cleaning Africa’s CEO. “And of course, we managed to enjoy some well-deserved downtime and good laughs, too,” he chuckled.

Here’s looking at a brighter, cleaner, greener 2013!


* bosberaad (Afrikaans) = strategy meeting held outdoors, for example in a game reserve [Source: Wikipedia]

It’s Official – Cleaning Africa is greening Africa!

Friday, 26 October 2012 marked a very important day on the Cleaning Africa calendar. It’s the day that completed Cleaning Africa’s changeover to purely green cleaning products and practices – like the exciting new “waterless” car wash system.

To get to this point, Cleaning Africa had to provide on-site “re-training” to over 400 staff at more than 60 sites in and around Johannesburg.

The search for the Best Green Cleaning Products on the Planet

Delphis eco logoAfter thorough investigation of all “green” cleaning products, Delphis eco products were chosen by Cleaning Africa to partner its move towards ecologically-friendly, sustainable cleaning.

“Our clients want real change in the cleaning industry. Proven, effective products that aren’t harmful to Earth and her people. They don’t just want lip service,” said Midge Wood, CEO of Cleaning Africa. He recently attended two global cleaning industry expos in China as part of this quest.

“These products are awesome. They’re fully EU Ecolable accredited (not easy to get!), very cost-effective and biodegradable. They’re also derived from totally sustainable resources. We couldn’t be happier to use them”, Midge confirmed.

Waterless Car Saves!

Using the latest technology, waterless car washing is now a reality. The special formula ‘encapsulates’ the dirt, which is then wiped off with microfibre cloths – without any scratching.

The savings are astronomical. Conventional methods use over 40 litres of water per car wash (you probably use around 90 litres if you wash your car with a hosepipe, or at least 10 litres using a bucket and cloth). With the new waterless system, less than one litre is used, half of which is just to rinse out the cloth!

Besides dramatically cutting down on water and electricity costs, (serious considerations today!), this waterless car wash system is much kinder on the environment. No more harmful detergents and surfactants being washed into the drains, which ultimately poison rivers and marine life.

SO Worth It!

“Changing over to green cleaning has been a long and hard journey, but every one of us at Cleaning Africa believes it’s been worth it – every step of the way!” said Midge enthusiastically.

If you’d like to find out more about these eco friendly cleaning products and waterless car washes, please call us now on 011 794 6665 or contact us.

First FM Expo a Winner …

Cleaning Africa Services was recently a first-time exhibitor at the Facilities Management Expo held at the Sandton Convention Centre, 29 – 30 May 2012.

The expo showcased a host of innovative new products and ideas and enabled visitors to see a range of suppliers offering unique products all under one roof.  The show also included a business conference where leading facilities managers had the chance to share and discuss the latest trends and challenges facing their industry.

Delphis eco logoAt the 2012 expo, the emphasis was on “Go Green, “Sustainability” and “Health and Safety” – all boxes ticked by Cleaning Africa’s’ new range of Delphis eco cleaning products.  Fully EU Ecolable accredited, these products offer better cost-efficiency, are readily biodegradable and derived from totally sustainable resources.

“It’s heartening to see so much interest for these eco-friendly products by facility managers and procurement managers alike,” said Midge Wood of Cleaning Africa.  “Clearly, the move is towards greener, healthier, more sustainable products – especially in the cleaning industry”.

Visitors to Cleaning Africa Stand at FM Expo 2012
Visitors to Cleaning Africa’s stand

For Cleaning Africa, the FM Expo was a great success: providing extensive networking opportunities, a captive audience and the chance to attract many new contracts with customers seeking greener cleaning options.

If you didn’t manage to make the FM Expo this year, but still want to find out more about cleaner, greener options, call Cleaning Africa now on 011 794 6665.


Cleaning Africa sponsors 2011 Ama Wheelies Golf Day

Saturday 14 May 2011 saw the first locally hosted golf day for the Ama Wheelies, held at Lydenburg Golf Course.

The day was a huge success and Cleaning Africa Services was in good company, with sponsors, donors and doers both local and from around the country stepping up to the plate.

The golf day was specifically in aid of raising funds to purchase a quad-friendly vehicle, without which the Ama Wheelies have been experiencing serious transport limitations.

Unfortunately, the vehicle didn’t become an immediate reality, but huge awareness and support for the Ama Wheelies were created by the golf day as well as the parade through the town of Lydenburg.

Overall, more than R120 000,00 was raised on the day which was without doubt the most successful fund raiser these wheelchair farmers ever hosted. Most of the donations were in the form of much-needed farming equipment and computers for their training center which will both go a long way to helping these plucky wheelchair farmers of Thaba Chweu, who were exceptionally thankful.

The golf day and the lead up to it featured strongly on Twitter with well-wishes from as far afield as Spain sending in messages of support.

With their inspiring spirit, determination and gathering support base (of whom Cleaning Africa is super proud to be considered a part of), we’re certain that the Ama Wheelies farming community will continue to grow and shine as a beacon of hope for wheelchair – and able-bodied – people all over the world.

Ama Wheelies - the wheelchair farmers extraordinaire
Ama Wheelies – the wheelchair farmers extraordinaire

Ama Wheelies is a registered NPO in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act as a section 21 company registration no 2008/021003/08. NPO number 083-504. Find out more about their incredible achievements on their blog at Ama Wheelies: The Wheelchair Farmers of Thaba Chweu – where you may also donate if you wish to support this worthy cause.