Health & Safety

Informing on the latest health & safety measures in the work place
Make sure your staff are fully trained in all health & safety aspects in the workplace – it could make the difference between life and death.

Cleaning Africa Services is proud to announce our new Health & Safety Division.

Time is Money. It’s never been more important to take care of your staff. By keeping them healthy and ensuring safe working conditions, you help prevent unnecessary downtime from illness and/or injury.

It’s a win/win situation. Happy, safe staff require less time off work. You’ll find the number of sick days reduce, the overall health levels of your staff will improve and you’ll boost morale as your staff will feel more valued. All round productivity is bound to improve.

Let our qualified SHE Officer assist you and your staff with:

  1. First Aid – Level 1
  2. Occupational Medicals
  3. Fire Fighting
  4. Fire Evacuation Procedures
  5. Setup and maintenance of your Safety, Health and Environment (SHE ) File including:
  • Safety Inductions
  • Accident and /or Incident Investigation including Injured on Duty Reports
  • Full Risk Assessment including preventative measures and how to minimize the risks of hazards and incidents
  • SHEQ: Safety Health & Environment Quality
  • EOHS: Environmental Occupational Health & Safety

Our experienced (ex-Mercedes Dealerships) Health & Safety Officer will assist you to achieve all the required standards your company needs to comply with  Health & Safety and Environment Quality and ISO.

Your staff will receive full on-site training. Once all health & safety best practices have been fully implemented and your staff are fully-conversant with the required standards, you will be awarded with a compliance certificate.

Don’t leave your staff and company’s health and safety to chance.

Call us now to see how implementing good health & safety practices will boost your bottom line.

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