Waste Management

Cleaning Africa Waste Recycling Services
Our on-site waste management team will expertly assess your various waste needs and find the right ways to recycle, reduce and efficiently remove it.

Taking care of your waste-disposal in an environmentally-friendly, economical and efficient way is vital to your day-to-day operations.

Our waste management programme is tailored to give you complete peace-of-mind: you will be legally compliant and know that you meet today’s stringent health & safety and environmental standards. You’ll also receive regular management reports that let you to track the amount of waste your company is generating, with full details of what has been recycled and how much you’re saving with reduced landfill costs.

We’ll provide simple waste management systems that will easily allow your staff to separate the various waste streams for recycling, composting, disposal or hazardous removal – especially geared for your particular needs.

You’ll also receive full documentation for audit purposes:

  • Certificate of safe disposal
  •  Permits for landfill sites
  • Certificate for safe destruction of hazardous waste, if applicable

Let us assess your waste streams and provide you with a no-obligation quotation with full details on the best solutions for your current needs.

Contact us for sound waste management:

Cleaning Africa Waste Management Services

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