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Transform your commercial space with our professional cleaning services. From offices to retail stores, we’ve got you covered. Get a spotless environment that impresses your clients and enhances productivity. 
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CAS Designs
CAS Designs
CAS Designs

What we clean

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning

Keep your workspace pristine with our commercial cleaning services. From offices to retail spaces, we ensure a clean and welcoming environment for employees and clients.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning

Maintain optimal cleanliness in your industrial environment with our specialized cleaning services. From manufacturing plants to warehouses, we guarantee a hygienic and safe workspace conducive to productivity and safety for all personnel and visitors.

Contract Cleaning

Stay consistent with our reliable contract cleaning. Tailored to your schedule, our services ensure your premises are always maintained to the highest standards

Once Off Cleaning Services - 1

Once-Off Cleaning

For special occasions or tough messes, our once-off cleaning services deliver a deep clean that leaves your space looking brand new.

Cleaning Training Services - 1

Cleaning Training

Enhance your cleaning expertise with our professional training programs. Whether you’re new to the industry or seeking to refine your skills, our courses provide comprehensive instruction to help you excel in the art of cleaning.

All-Inclusive Facility Care

How We Do It

Cleaning Services Bullet Points

Precise Assessment:

We start by evaluating your specific cleaning requirements, taking the time to understand the intricacies of your space and needs.

Bespoke Cleaning Plans:

Our experienced team crafts a tailored cleaning plan, selecting the right tools and methods to achieve the best results.

Cleaning Services Bullet Points
Cleaning Services Bullet Points

Skilled Execution:

Our trained professionals carry out the cleaning with efficiency and care, ensuring every corner meets our rigorous standards.

Continuous Quality Control:

We perform regular inspections to maintain consistently high cleaning standards and swiftly address any areas needing attention.

Cleaning Services Bullet Points
Cleaning Services Bullet Points

Responsive Feedback Integration:

We value your input and regularly adjust our services based on your feedback to continuously improve our cleaning solutions.

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Cleaning Africa Services is your go-to cleaning services company of choice. With a dedicated team of over 500 employees and strategically located Area Managers throughout the country, we proudly offer nationwide cleaning services in South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cleaning service?

A cleaning service is a professional operation that maintains and cleans residential, commercial, or industrial properties using specialised methods, tools, and products to ensure spaces are hygienic and presentable.

Cleaning services begin with an assessment of your space’s needs, followed by the implementation of a tailored cleaning plan using trained staff, who perform the necessary tasks with expertise and precision.

The cost of cleaning services in South Africa can vary widely based on factors such as the size of the space, the type of cleaning required, and frequency of service. Prices can range from affordable basic services to more premium services for specialised needs.

Hiring cleaning services ensures that your spaces are maintained professionally, saves you time and effort, improves hygiene and health standards, and can also extend the lifespan of your property and possessions through proper care.

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