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When needs must, it seems.  Because what began as just another golf fundraising day, has developed into a soaring relationship – and a chameleon eagle, of sorts.

It was at their Golf Day at Southdown’s Golf Course in Johannesburg on 11 November 2010 where Midge and some of the Cleaning Africa partners were first introduced to and became a champion of the Ama Wheelies.

Perhaps three is a lucky number: Midge loves golf, is a bird lover and has high regard for those who beat the odds.

And this day provided all three … in spades.

The golf was great with excellent company.  There was an auction with an amazing black eagle artwork that caught his eye.  Especially as it was created by Henry Blighnaut, a foot-and-mouth artist using a profile cutter operated by a stick that he held in his mouth.  Midge was sold. He won the bid and proudly took the eagle back to his offices of Cleaning Africa Thuŝanang to hang in pride of place.

What he wasn’t prepared for was the complaints and strong feelings from some of the staff – saying that the black eagle symbolised bad witchcraft and made them very uncomfortable.

There was no other way around it.  The eagle had to undergo an identity change and so it did; re-emerging as a fine specimen of a fish eagle.

Coincidence or not?  Since the eagle changed its feathers, Cleaning Africa’s fortunes seem to soar once again.  New contracts were signed, making it possible to renew Cleaning Africa’s commitments to BEE and the community, allowing more donations and support for the Ama Wheelies.