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Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash

Water is an ever-shrinking resource. Which makes the mobile Eco Waterless Car Wash System one of today’s most important technical breakthroughs.

Conventional car washing uses an average of 150 liters per car wash. Sadly, this is often precious drinking water! Meanwhile, water is scarce. Therefore, it’s up to all of us to do what we can to conserve water.

Let’s use this life-giving commodity responsibly and with respect so that future generations can still enjot this precious gift.

Introducing the all-new Eco Wash water-less car wash.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Mobile Dispensing Unit (MDU) was developed for our local conditions.

This mobile unit is constantly being reviewed and refined. It is already the most advanced water-less car wash system available in the world today.

Over 800 car wash outlets in South Africa alone use this system. Not to mention exports to six other African countries. Furthermore, there are plan to distribute internationally.

The MDU is a self-contained, water-less car washing system that does it all.

The Eco Wash MDU can:

  • wash and wax a vehicle
  • clean and shine the tires and rims
  • polish and shine the windows

…While using just 2 liters of water!

Another great advantage of this water-less system is that there is no soapy mess on the floor. Also, you can take the car wash wherever you please – and be as mobile as you like.

…If you can’t take the car to the wash … then take the wash to the car.

This system will save you up to 98% on the amount of water you need to operate, thereby reducing the monthly water bill.

The MDU also uses biodegradable products that meet the highest European standards. It also comes complete with all products and consumables you require.

Ease of Operation

The MDU system has fresh water storage tanks, a high-pressure vessel, a dirty water storage tank, pump and motor and a helli-coil hose to reach and apply the cleaning product to every corner of the vehicle.

Simply pour the concentrate into the storage chamber, add the correct amount of water for dilution and connect the MDU to a conventional power source for 35 seconds. The pump and motor will mix the concentrate and water together and transfer this wash-and-wax solution into the pressure vessel. You can then disconnect the MDU system from the power source and operate it independently for up to four or five days.

Self-contained Hand Wash Basin

Keeping the micro-fibre cloths clean during the the washing process is simple: just pump fresh water into the basin from the storage chamber via the foot pump. This ensures your cloths stay clean – an essential part of efficient car cleaning. (In fact, this is is where the system uses the the of its water.

The Eco Wash MDU system uses a colour-coded cloth method to ensure the cleanest vehicles:

  • A green cloth for washing,
  • An orange one for polishing,
  • A blue for the rims
  • And lastly, a pink cloth to shine and buff the windows.

Scientifically-Developed Waterless Washing Process

A biodegradable cleansing formula which includes wetting and cleaning agents as well as wax is sprayed onto the vehicle as a light mist, making this the most waterless car washing system available.

The dirt is lifted hydro-statically and encapsulated by the wax on contact. This encapsulated dirt is then simply removed with a damp micro-fibre cloth.

Stubborn marks are removed with a heavy-duty cleaner so that all that remains is a thin layer of wax. After that, buffing the wax with a clean a clean, dry micro-fibre cloth will give the surface an extra shine.

Fully versatile

The most convenient aspect of the Eco Wash system is that it can go where you need it most…be it in conventional car wash areas where it can move from one car to the next or within a full wash bay set up – without the need for drains, separation tanks, messy water splash-backs and so on.

New Methods, New Ways of Thinking

Both businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of the daily challenges of protecting the environment and becoming more responsible about sustainability. Therefore, The Eco Wash System will give you peace-of-mind.

The system saves enormous amounts of water. Therefore, it minimizes damage to the environment. It also gives your customers the convenience of getting their vehicles beautifully cleaned while they’re at their place of work or yours.

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