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Course: Introduction to Cleaning Module 1

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Who’s This Training For?

  • Cleaners
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in this exciting industry

Introduction to Cleaning Course will provide you/your team with the required knowledge and skills to perform everyday cleaning within a professional cleaning services environment.

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Introduction to Cleaning Course: Module 1

This SETA-approved course is a comprehensive introduction to hygiene & cleaning : Level 1 – Module 1. This full-day course covers these core components:

1 – Basic Principles of Cleaning

  • Understanding the importance of cleaning
  • How to identify the essential components required for cleaning
  • How to plan & prepare for cleaning tasks while understanding the importance of time management
  • Using the correct cleaning methods
  • How to perform end-of-task duties

2 – Using Chemicals in the Cleaning Services Environment

  • The action of cleaning chemicals
  • Understanding the pH of chemicals
  • Why diluting chemicals correctly is so important
  • How chemicals remove dirt from surfaces
  • Choosing the correct chemical for the task at hand
  • How to correctly handle and store chemicals
  • Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

3 – How to Clean Toilets & Bathrooms

  • The 7 Steps to effective toilet cleaning
  • The 6 Steps to effective bathroom cleaning

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