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Do you ever wonder if your waste management process is efficient & cost-effective as it should be?

Additionally, poor implementation of the recycling, reuse and disposal of waste, is not only a danger to the environment, it poses a serious health risk to your customers and staff too.

So, it’s crucial to use a company that can implement an effective waste management solution that works for your business.

Cleaning Africa Services helps your business in cutting costs and improving efficiency by handling the entire waste management process, with a personalised solution that is both optimal for your operations and 100% compliant with local legislation.

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Simple Waste Management System

It shouldn’t be a hassle maintaining a waste management plan. However, we’ve found this to be the case far too often.
Many other waste management services are unfortunately guilty of providing solutions that are incredibly difficult and inconvenient for a business to consistently maintain.
Over the years we’ve continuously refined our processes to offer you simple and convenient waste management systems that fit in seamlessly with your company’s daily schedule, and are geared for your specific needs.

Allowing your staff to easily separate various waste streams for:

  • recycling
  • composting
  • disposal
  • hazardous removal

Personalised Waste Management Programme

Everything about the day-to-day running of your business is unique. Including the waste it generates. So, implementing a generic waste management solution just won’t work.

At Cleaning Africa Services, we understand the need for a completely personalised waste management programme that fits in with a tight budget and ensures you remain compliant with South African legislation. Which is why we send our on-site waste management team of experts to assess your various waste requirements and find the right ways to recycle, reduce and remove it.

Thus ensuring:

  • The exact needs of your business are met
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Legal compliance

Giving you complete peace of mind.

Increase Your Green Credentials

You have a legal responsibility to ensure your waste is managed and disposed of effectively. You also want to play your part in reducing damage to the environment.
We’re committed to sustainability and helping you meet your environmental obligations.

In addition to receiving regular management reports:

  • Tracking the amount of waste your company is generating
  • Providing you with full details on what’s been recycled
  • Showing you how much you’re saving with reduced landfill costs

You’ll also receive full documentation for audit purposes, which include:

  • Certificate of safe disposal
  • Permits for landfill sites
  • Certificate for safe destruction of hazardous waste, if applicable

The boost to your green credentials can lead to new business opportunities as governments, companies, investors and consumers all look to increase their spending with eco-friendly businesses.

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Additional Benefits You’ll See as a Valued Client


Why our all-encompassing waste management service gives you a convenient, streamlined solution


How our expert on-site assesment ensures you’re getting the most efficient waste management for your business


How our competitive rates guarantee that you save without compromising on quality


Why paying close attention to detail with our personalised service ensures your every need is met


How our excellent status as a B-BBEE Empowering Supplier, Level 1 Contributor means you can claim up to 135% of your Rand spend with us


How you can enjoy additional advantages with our eligibility to be used as an Enterprise & Supplier Development beneficiary

Taking the Stress of Waste Management Off Your Shoulders

If you want the best waste management solution to help you:

  • Save money
  • Simplify your waste management process
  • Increase your green credentials

Get in touch with us today, and find out why leading businesses are turning to Cleaning Africa Services for sound waste management.

We Successfully Implement Waste Management Solutions for:


Industrial Factories

Office Blocks

Commercial Buildings

Motor Dealerships


Golf & Leisure Centres

Sterile Environments

Office Parks

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