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Training & Skills Development


Skills Development Courses are offered by Cleaning Africa to companies wishing to empower their staff while improving their BEE scorecard, as well as those interested in entering this exciting industry.

At Cleaning Africa Services, we believe staff is a company’s greatest asset.

With regular, on-going training & skills development, you will equip your staff with the latest skills and industry developments, enabling them to be the best that they can be.

See our latest Cleaning Training Modules & Upcoming Training Dates for November 2018.

All staff receive full training & skills development 

Empower your staff to receive up-to-the-minute information and the vital skills development training needed to keep pace with the rigorous demands and high standards of this challenging industry.

Rutanang Academy of Training (Rutanang -“Learning together”)

Cleaning Africa offers an in-house training college.  We are a SETA-approved training provider.

Moreover, we actively participate in the Learnership Programs – please ask us for more information about how we can improve your BEE scorecard.

Recently Qualified Team of Supervisors, Cleaning Africa Services

Smiles of Success! A recent team of supervisors who successfully completed their training & skills development course at Rutanang Academy, Cleaning Africa Services.

We are also able to offer on-site training on your premises for your teams.

Our comprehensive Training & Skills Development courses include:-

Basic Qualifications

1.   Basic Safety
2.   Quality Service Champs
3.   Chemistry of Cleaning
4.   Vehicle Cleaning
5.   Vehicle Valet
6.   Vehicle Plus Care
7.   Cleaning Processes
8.   Practical  Training
9.   Aids Awareness
10. Manage Personal Finance

Supervisor  Courses

1.  Planning
2.  Organising
3.  Leading
4.  Controlling
5.  Time/Stress Management
6.  Assertiveness
7.  Coaching & Counselling
8.  Conflict Management
9.  Delegation & Motivation

Need to train your team TO THE Next level? We can help!

Job seeker? Please visit our Careers page 

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