Pre and Post Occupation Cleaning Services

Welcome to Cleaning Africa Services, boasting 25 years of expertise in transforming spaces. Our pre occupation cleaning ensures a fresh start for new occupants, while our post occupation cleaning guarantees a seamless transition by leaving spaces spotless. We understand the importance of a well-maintained environment for both landlords and homeowners, and our skilled team uses top-notch equipment and eco-friendly solutions to deliver tailored and thorough services. Whether it’s a residential home, commercial property, or rental unit, Cleaning Africa Services is your reliable partner for creating pristine living and working spaces. Request an obligation-free quote and let us elevate your cleaning experience to unmatched levels of excellence.

Our Pre and Post Occupation

Cleaning Services Include:

Pre and Post Occupation Cleaning Services Near Me

Discover unparalleled cleaning services near you with Cleaning Africa. With over 500 dedicated employees and area managers strategically stationed across the country, we ensure prompt and reliable service wherever you are. Our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to choice for pre and post occupation Cleaning for businesses in Cape Town, PretoriaDurbanJohannesburg and beyond.


Why Choose Cleaning Africa Services?

Seamless Transitions

Cleaning Africa Services, with 25 years of experience, ensures smooth transitions for landlords and tenants. Our pre-occupation cleaning creates a fresh space, and post-occupation cleaning guarantees impeccable conditions, supported by decades of expertise.

Property Value Boost

Invest in Cleaning Africa Services to significantly elevate property value. Our well-maintained spaces attract tenants, potentially leading to quicker rentals. Trust our 25 years of experience for enhanced property appeal.

Health Assurance

Cleaning Africa Services, NCCA certified with trained specialists, ensures health and hygiene. Our cleaning services address hidden areas, tackling allergens and bacteria for a healthier living or working space.

Effortless Moves

Hiring Cleaning Africa Services saves time and stress during moves. Our specialists efficiently clean spaces, allowing occupants to focus on logistics. As an NCCA certified and B-BBEE Level 1 provider, it’s a socially responsible and financially sound choice, allowing you to claim up to 135% of your rand spend.

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Take the first step towards a cleaner future and optimise your business environment by requesting an obligation-free pre and post occupation cleaning quote. Our experienced team is ready to provide tailored solutions that will leave your space spotless and rejuvenated.